The birds are singing

It’s been a year since last posting and what a year it’s been … a year of Covid! A year of sadness, resilience and hopefully now a glimmer of hope, with the vaccination programme up and running.

Back in September 2019 I set out to record a new album and with some 18 months gone I’m pleased to say we’re there. ‘Birdland Reappraised’ will be released on all major platforms on 1 April 2021.

I’m really looking forward to sharing this new album with you, it’s one that retains the ‘wryness’ of the previous one, but delves further (but not exclusively) into my love of jazz. In my younger days I played jazz trumpet and flugelhorn following an introduction to jazz and big band swing by my Dad. I’m eternally grateful to him for that. So in a sense I’m returning to my old friend ‘cool’ and I really hope you’ll enjoy it.

I’ve been blessed to have shared the journey of recording this album with some amazing people. Yes I’m going to name and thank them all! Tim Bond at Bookmatch Recording Studio for engineering, mixing and playing. Chris Newman for his awesome guitar playing, mixing advice and general mentoring. Jody Swanborough (drums) and Keith Hagger (bass) in the ‘engine room’. Myke Clifford on reeds, Colin Hazel on keys and Lulu Hensley on backing vocals thank you for sharing your talent. Karen, Tim and Andrew at Sound Performance Ltd for CD production. Nev at Confidential Records UK for release. Emm Rouse at 6ftCreative for artwork. Stella Hensley and Jane Fisher at Starfish Photography for trying to make me look presentable!

I’ve popped a video to go with ‘Split Note Thelonious’ from the album on YouTube. A song about celebrating difference, looking out for ourselves and others, something we should do without prompting – but even more so in these strange times. Please take a look, like and subscribe. A link is on here.

So 2021 will undoubtedly be a slow and bumpy journey to a new normal. Personally I’m more hopeful now and itching to get out and play live again. Please give my album a spin, let me know what you think … maybe buy it? In the meantime stay safe and if you listen real close you might just be able to hear the birds sing – stay safe.

Soloman x

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