Revisiting my blog at the end of 2019 I note that I mentioned heading into 2020 with a feeling of positivity and compassion … Boom! The events unfolding in relation to the Coronavirus pandemic certainly require our positivity and compassion now to get through this thing!

Like others I’ve had to shelve playing opportunities and cancel things! I am fortunate that gigging is not my only source of income unlike others who I feel for (so please buy their CDs and/or merch). That said I’m a muso, I’ll miss the playing.

I’d also gotten a good way into recording a new album, which I’m having to put on hold! I will however say that when I get to finish it I’m confident it will be special. Yet again the ‘muso fraternity’ proves it’s generosity of spirit. Honestly the musicians who have thus far given of their time and talent is humbling … Tim Bond (Bookmatch Recording Studio Cambs), Chris Newman, Colin Hazel, Mike Clifford, Keith Hagger and the lovely Jody Swanborough … Thank you x

Added to the above, I’m also having to self isolate as I fit into one of the ‘at risk’ categories. So for myself, family and wider family I’m following the medical and scientific advice. Maybe I’ll get round to posting some vids on line (warning they will be primitive!)? Maybe I’ll share a few rough versions of songs that’ll be on the new album (in glorious technicolor when completed).

Finally, at this time of real dangers be good to yourself, your loved ones and equally those needing help. If you are able do something selfless do it … small things matter.

I probably haven’t said all I want to say (or maybe too much or maybe not that eloquently). I’ll sign off here until we get to the other side of this thing … and we will. Thanks for the support and love to all.

Soloman x

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