It’s all about people!

Those close will know that this year has proved tricky. On a negative note family illness and loss have needed my time and attention and have frankly been draining. On a positive note I’ve seen my daughter ‘fly the nest’ to start her own journey as a ‘fully fledged grown up’ with all that entails (yes I was covered in paint and ‘bending the plastic’) and there is now an empty room but sense of fulfilment and pride. Its these things that make you realise it’s the people who count. And in low times thankfully I have the music to ease, sooth and get lost in … it is a powerful thing! Pull yourself together man!

So the highlights this summer have been a full electric band show on the Portland Ballroom ‘love boat’ stage with Chris Newman on lead guitar (thanks to Mike Wilson for the gig). A main stage slot at Ely Folk Festival (being sandwiched inbetween the great Les Barker and Stick in the wheel was absolutely brilliant (Thank you Ely and Sue Marchant). An amazing reception to my solo set in the Club Tent at Cambridge Folk Festival (I took a chance on a set completely on Mandocello … it worked)!

And … on the recording front I’ve just started laying down tracks for a new album which I’ll be putting out in 2020. I can’t wait to share the recordings with you! I’ve been blownway at the generosity of the bunch of superb musos who have kindly agreed to play on the album!

Also I’ve seen some great music at all levels from beginners braving their first go at an open mic or on a floorspot through to performances by the likes of my friends Stella and Chris of the awesome ‘Barefoot Doctors’ (check them out and buy their album) and … discovering major talents I’d not previously come across like the ‘jaw droppingly’ good Lisa O’Neill who I saw at Cambridge Folk Festival – I was rooted to the spot (her albums are wonderful).

Returning to where I started this blog entry and with news recently of a close friend being struck by critical illness, its true life isn’t always straight forward and easy and what really matters is friendship, kindness and love. It’s not about egos and opinions … it’s about ‘people’. And in light of current political and global ‘shenanigans’ even more so!

Finally, yes I know … website overhaul and more online stuff – one day I will post a blog that asks what you think of my updated website and online presence!

Finally if your our playing good luck and enjoy. If you’re watching and supporting live music thank you … you’re a diamond.


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